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Well, we got winded out of the event yesterday evening. Luckily it wasn't until the beginning of the evening, so we did make some sales. But the wind picked up, and when the glass started flying (nothing broke luckily) we decided it was time to pack up. Karin, H and I did a performance in the high wind. It is interesting trying to pass clubs in the wind... acrobatics are a little easier. Luckily it was mostly done raining by then.

Today, after cursing the weather for being so nice today and not yesterday, I realized that I would actually get to go to the plant sale at the Clackamas co fair grounds, which I thought I'd have to miss due to merchanting. Mom and I went and eventually met up with Stacy and Wes. We picked up a ton of plants, and resisted a whole bunch more. Mostly I stuck to veggies and berries. Next spring once we are done moving dirt around I can actually start doing some landscaping, but for now I'm restraining myself, or getting stuff that can go in the garden area for now or far enough away from the house that it won't be bothered by construction. Oh, and not getting the espalier with the 6 kinds of apples was hard. I really want it. Next year... I want 3 espaliers eventually to go near one side of the house.

Here's what we got:

Interesting & Heirloom Tomatoes:

Speckled Roma
Purple Calabash
Mammoth German Gold
Nebraska Wedding (orange)
Mr. Stripy (red & yellow stripes)
Copia (bi-color gold w/ red)
Great White
Cuoredibue (bi-color)
Cherokee Chocolate
Cherry Brandywine (pink)
Brown Berry (brown cherry)
German Green (pale green w/ yellow stripes)
Black Plum
Striped Hallow

From the Canby Garden Club (some super cheap mysteries):

a mystery raspberry
an heirloom raspberry
single blossom white lilac
purple columbine

From One Green World:

Olive Tree
2 Pineapple Guavas
Tea Camellia
3 Autumn Bliss Raspberries


Elliot Blueberry
lemon cucumber
"raspberry surprise" dianthus
some sort of good culinary lavender
salad burnette
strawberry rhubarb
bay laurel
more columbine

Earlier this week we got some plants too:

Victoria Rhubarb and mystery rhubarb

Raspberries: Willamette, Meeker, Fall Gold, Cascade Dawn

Blueberries: Chandler, Reka, Polaris

Tomatoes: jubilee, super sweet 100, black tomato, yellow pear, cherokee purple, delicious reed, german johnson, bonny bess, pink brandywine

sweet slice cucumber

toma verde tomatillo

mixed nasturtiums
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