Jan. 26th, 2009

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I've been looking through the Corning Museum of Glass Website in search of info on a specific object and got a bit distracted along the way. Most importantly, I'd forgotten that their research library has a a search-able database: http://www.cmog.org/dynamic.aspx?id=170 Go there and search for Anglo Saxon. Or whatever else you want. I'm so looking forward to visiting corning again this summer. Last time I was there I didn't have time to spend time in the library amongst other things...
vandy: (prunted glass)
There is a book I really really want.  I was trying to track it down for quite a while off of something close to its English name translation as related to me by William Gudenrath in a phone conversation last fall. I couldn't find the book until today when I ran across a reference to it in an article in one of the Journals of Glass Studies. Because unless you search for it in German it is impossible to find. D'oh. The book is: Phönix aus Sand und Asche, Glas des Mittelalters. I am having a huge case of really really really want its. Mostly because it apparently has lots of good stuff on early goblets. But I am sure there is lots of other good stuff in there too. Sadly, the least expensive copy I've tracked down so far is $113 and would have to be shipped from Germany. Grrr. Ah well, time for some inter-library loan fun to make sure it is worth saving up for I guess... 


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