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So anyone planning on going to Pennsic this year? I'm seriously thinking about it. Of course I've been saying that for years. But there are some pretty cheap flights out there and I'm still bouncy and excited after Estrella, so it might actually happen. Anyone else thinking about it?

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What are you calling cheap flights?? Might go in on that instead of driving..

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Less than $300, I think it was going mid-week to mid-week via united. Could have been another airline though - I was just checking it out.

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Im really thinking of flying if I go..
Dont really want to drive it.

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wow! That is CHEAP! I would consider it if I could find someone to support me in the lifestyle I wish to be accustomed to... but unfortunately I am but a lowly CMA and have to cater to my poor doc who missed me something fierce while I was gone. LOL... If you go you have to take pics!!!

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i'm going and managed to score a roundtrip for under $200!!

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which airline please? I starting my search for flights.

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Well, I did another quick search with flexible dates, staying for about a week to a week and a half, flying from PDX to PIT and back. This is what I found: continental has flights starting around $300, delta starts at around $240, Northwest Air starts at $225 but with inconvenient times, alaska airlines starts at about $350.

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okay. good. I am also finding alaska air from here is 209 plus tax is 250....i like that.

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cant remember which one...but ut was one of the big ones (american?) and we scored it using

good luck!
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I want to. But I also want to go to Scotland.

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i might be interested, but i would wonder about getting gear out there (aka tent and armor and stuff). Anyone driving :)

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I'm going!!

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Hmmm. Last year I told myself I wasn't going and somehow wound up there anyway. So far this year I've told myself I'm not going, but my resolve could crumble depending on who the West royalty will be at the time. If it's a good friend, then I no doubt will find a way to get out there again.

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I've always wanted to go, and "think about it" every year...which usually amounts to not much. I'm stymied by the distance, and how on earth I would ever get all my kit there... That is...without driving it. *le sigh*

For those folks who fly...what on earth do you do for camping kit and garb??

I've heard of some shipping it, but that sounds undoably (is that a word??) expensive.

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the previous couple times I went, I crashed on someones floor. this time I've found someone to tote my barges for me...but there's a hotel near the site :). you can even rent pavilions on site!